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    The Best Portable Off-road Car Lift

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The Best Portable Off-road Car Lift At present, the modified car lifts produced by developed countries have better quality, stable performance and simple equipment operation, and have good reputation among dealers. China's car-modified lifting platform was produced according to foreign product technology in the 1990s. Up to now, the lifting machine market has nearly 100 Chinese and foreign brands, and the product series is hundreds of thousands. However, although the car-modified lifting platform is relatively stereotyped, many of the products are not stable enough, the faults are many, the reliability is poor, the appearance is not beautiful enough, and there are still many places to be improved in product design and technology development.

Portable Off-road Car Lift

Portable Off-road Car Lift Therefore, further improving the performance and reliability of the product is a place where the domestic automobile modified lifting platform has a long way to go and needs improvement. However, at present, there is no research on the use of virtual prototype technology in the car modified lift platform in China. Only by combining the engineering practice of the car lift with the virtual prototype technology can we really accelerate the development of the car lift product.




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