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    Single Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

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1, low cost, low failure rate: Single Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift is simple in structure, large in weight and low in input cost. Because the lifting equipment adopts hydraulic system, the control method is good, the elevator operation failure rate is low and easy to maintain. When the hydraulic freight elevator descends, it is driven by the pressure generated by its own weight, saving electricity and being environmentally friendly.

Single Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

2, good security: the user's procurement equipment is most concerned about the safety performance of the equipment is good, after all, high-altitude work is a certain dangerous work, so the quality of the elevator also determines whether the safety of this equipment is guaranteed? This is necessary to improve the safety protection measures of the freight elevator. For example, the steel wire rope plays the role of adjusting the balance of the equipment, and is also the safety belt of the equipment. In addition, the chain that conducts energy also plays a safety protection role.

3, powerful: each floor and lifting table can be set to operate buttons to achieve multi-point control. The product structure is firm, the bearing capacity is large, the lifting is stable, and the installation and maintenance are simple and convenient. The Single Post Inground Car Lift breaks through the height restrictions of fixed scissor lift lifts and meets the requirements of users of multi-storey loading and unloading. The lifting height can reach 22 meters.

4, the service life is longer: hydraulic lift freight elevator design is concise, reduce the rotating and worn components, the reduction of wear components greatly increases the service life of the equipment, but also reduces the input cost for the customer.

5, the installation range is more extensive: Single Post Car Lift has a better ground-based advantage, that is to say, the installation environment can dig pits (15-35mm), or you can not dig (the exit is a slope to facilitate cargo transportation), depending on the customer Requirements.



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