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    Portable Electric Off-road Car Lift

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Portable Electric Off-road Car Lift It is a multifunctional lifting handling equipment, which is a lifting device that lifts people or goods to a certain height. Lifting platforms can be divided into: fixed, mobile, rail and curved arm. Fixed types include: scissor lift freight elevators, chain lifts, loading and unloading platforms, etc. Mobile type is divided into: four-wheel mobile lifting platform, two-wheel traction lifting platform, hand-pushing lifting platform, hand-operated lifting platform, AC/DC lifting platform, battery-mounted lifting platform, self-propelled lifting platform, diesel engine The crank arm self-propelled lifting platform, the folding arm lifting platform, the sleeve-type lifting platform, the aluminum alloy lifting platform and the car-modified lifting platform have lifting heights ranging from 1 meter to 20 meters. 

Electric Off-road Car Lift

Electric Off-road Car Lift The aluminum alloy lifting platform can be divided into single column aluminum alloy, double column aluminum alloy, three column and four column aluminum alloy. The car-mounted lifting platform can be used for high-altitude operations and maintenance of factories, automatic warehouses, parking lots, municipalities, terminals, buildings, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, petroleum, chemical, hotels, stadiums, industrial and mining, enterprises. The lifting platform lifting system is driven by hydraulic pressure, also known as hydraulic lifting platform.




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