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One Post Car Washing Lifter maintenance points:

One Post Car Washing Lifter

Check the function of the control button every day, click the button, press the work, stop the hand; check the lifting platform to stop working at the highest limit; check the filter to ensure no air leakage, the water level is below the highest level. The oil level is above the lowest level; check whether the hydraulic valves have leakage; check whether the oil pipe and joints are leaking, whether the air pipe and joints are leaking; check whether the lock lock, the rise button, the two platform mechanical locks are locked and unlocked synchronously; Check the synchronization of the two platforms.

Every three months, add one base grease to each rotating shaft oil cup and upper and lower roller guides of One Post Car Washing Lifter, and check the bushing and shaft wear clearance. If it is larger than 0.5mm, the sleeve must be replaced; The wear of the block or roller, if the wear amount is greater than 1.5mm, must be replaced in time; the expansion bolt fixed to the size of the bottom plate is fastened every three months.

One Post Car Washing Lifter checks the tightness of the cylinder every six months; replaces the hydraulic oil and cleans the fuel tank and filter after six months of initial use, and replaces the hydraulic oil every 3,000 times every other year; for replacement cylinders, pumping stations Internal cleaning and replacement of parts, replacement of insurance mechanisms, repair of machine-loaded structural components (including cylinder connections), fatigue repair (usually at a frequency of 12,000 or more), or replacement of parts, machine displacement shall be authorized by the manufacturer. Professionals, electrical maintenance should be carried out by qualified electricians in accordance with the product manual.



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