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    Hydraulic Cylinder for Extractor Pneumatic Hydraulic Cylinder

    Telescopic hydraulic cylinder, also known as multi-stage hydraulic cylinder or combined hydraulic cylinder, is a special hydraulic cylinder with wide application. It can be divided into 2, 3, 4, 5 telescopic cylinders according to the number of expansion and contraction stages. The number of times of liquid supply in one working cycle can be divided into single-acting and double-acting multi-stage hydraulic cylinders, wherein the single-acting multi-stage cylinder is a plunger type telescopic hydraulic cylinder, the double-acting multi-stage hydraulic cylinder is a piston type telescopic hydraulic cylinder, and one The telescopic hydraulic cylinders with pistons in the front stage and multi-stage or first-stage plungers.
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The Hydraulic Cylinder for Extractor Pneumatic Hydraulic Cylinder is composed of two or more piston type hydraulic cylinders, and the piston rod of the front stage piston cylinder is the cylinder barrel of the rear stage piston cylinder. When the pressure oil enters from the rodless chamber, the cylinder with the largest effective area of the piston begins to protrude. When the line reaches the end point, the cylinder with the effective area of the piston begins to protrude. The order of telescopic hydraulic extension is extended from large to small, and a long working stroke can be obtained. The smaller the effective area of the overhang cylinder, the faster the extension speed. Therefore, the extension speed is slower and faster, and the corresponding hydraulic thrust is changed from large to small; the variation law of the thrust and speed is suitable for the thrust and speed requirements of various automatic loading and unloading machines. The order of retraction is generally retracted from small to large, and the axial length at the time of retraction is short, occupying a small space, and having a compact structure. Commonly used in construction machinery and other mobile machinery, such as cranes, dump trucks and other hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Cylinder for Extractor Pneumatic Hydraulic Cylinder

The piston type double-acting two-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder has a piston sealing ring, a first-stage cylinder piston rod outer wall, a first-stage piston rod inner wall, and the like, and the second-stage piston rod assembly is composed of a piston rod, a piston and a seal. At the same time, the inner wall of the first-stage piston rod is the second-stage piston rod cylinder, and the front-end cover of the two-stage piston cylinder with the guiding function is also a component of the first-stage piston rod. At the beginning, the second-stage small piston is located at the upper part of the first-stage large piston. The large piston is located at the bottom of the telescopic tube. When the pressurized oil is supplied from the right port, the first and second piston assemblies move upward simultaneously.

Pneumatic Hydraulic Cylinder

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Yantai Tonghe Precision Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007, locates in Yantai City. We are a manufacturer of inground car lifts and a member of China Automobile Maintenance And Repair Equipment Trade Association.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Equipped with over 100 sets of advanced manufacturing equipments and precision inspection instruments, Yantai Tonghe dedicates in the design & development, manufacturing and services of inground lifts, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic control system. The annual production capacity in inground car lifts reaches 10,000 sets, specialized high pressure oil cylinders reaches 40,000 pieces and hydraulic control system reaches 10,000 sets. The products are mainly car jack lift, Quick Lift, Inground Lift, etc. Our products are widely applied in Automotive Industry, Vehicle maintenance, Construction machinery etc.


1.How about the package of the quick lift and the capacity of one 20’container ?

The lifting frames are packaged individually in cartons and the power unit is packaged in wooden cases. Each 20-foot cabinet can hold 75 sets of equipment。

2.Can the quick lift be used on a sloped ground?

To the extent of ensuring the safety  of vehicle and operator ,Slopped ground or non-hardened ground is not recommended used

Is Luxmain quick lift can be used on glass steel grille? What is the minimum thickness of glass steel grille

Can be used on glass steel grille , but the glass steel grille can not be overhead.

Shown as below:。

3.Can the power supply of LUXMAIN  Quick Lift be 110V or 380V?

The 110V power supply can be realized by supporting the corresponding 110V power unit; for safety, the 380V power supply is not recommended.

By changing the power outlet, it can adapt to the power interface standards of all countries in the world.

4.What is  the weight of Luxmain Quick Lift? 

The single-sided lifting frame weighs approximately 42kg and is equipped with a roller that can be dragged or translated. The power unit is about 23kg.

5.What is the warranty of Luxmain Quick Lift ?

One year 



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