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At present, most of the various lifts used for overhauling vehicles are Heavy Truck Hydraulic Inground Car Lift, which occupy a certain three-dimensional space, such as a two-column lift or a four-post lift. Their lift columns are more than three meters high. Another example is the scissor lift, although the height is small when static, but the occupied area is large. Especially in medium-sized car repair shops or 4S shops, when there are several maintenance stations in a large working space, it is quite crowded and messy; for some 45 high-end cars, it is not enough.

Heavy Truck Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

Heavy Truck Hydraulic Inground Car Lift, whose main part is installed below the ground, when there is no use, there is only the control box and the support arm (directly supporting the car). Technical indicators such as lift and lift are not difficult to achieve, but safety requirements are the most important:

1 Operational safety: The voltage of the operation button is a safe voltage to eliminate the possibility of electric shock;

2 Action safety: hydraulic cylinder movement synchronization should be high and smooth, to avoid the danger of tilting or vibration during the ascent and descent of the car;

3Self-locking safety: After lifting the Heavy Truck Hydraulic Inground Car Lift, the maintenance personnel should operate under the car for a long time, so there must be reliable self-locking insurance measures to avoid the abnormal fall of the car to ensure the maintenance. The safety of personnel.



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