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    Electric Hydraulic Inground Car Lifter

    Electric Hydraulic Inground Car Lifter safety awareness is not cultivated in a short period of time. It needs to be implemented over and over again. In addition, it must ensure the quality of daily safety education. If training can be done once, the safety quality of employees will be improved. Education that does not meet the purpose of training should be rethought, so as to avoid the formalization of training and education, and waste of energy can not achieve results.
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The electro-hydraulic LUXMAIN in-ground car lift differs from the pneumatic Electric Hydraulic Inground Car Lifter in several aspects: the drive mode, one is electro-hydraulic drive, and the other is pneumatic and hydraulic drive; structure: electro-hydraulic LUXMAIN in-ground car lift The lift is a combination of a cylinder and a guide cylinder. The pneumatic hydraulic LUXMAIN in-ground car lift is just a huge cylinder as the main component of the lift. Compared with the electro-hydraulic LUXMAIN in-ground car lift, the safety and stability are superior.

Electric Hydraulic Inground Car Lifter

Electric Hydraulic Inground Car Lifter Precautions:

1. The lifting platform must be placed on a solid and flat ground to prevent tipping during work;

2. Work according to the load specified on the nameplate. It is strictly forbidden to use overload;

3. Press the “up” or “down” button to make the workbench not move, and stop immediately for inspection;

4. If the lifting platform does not rise, and you hear the overflow valve calling the whistle, you should immediately stop the inspection, otherwise the oil pump will overheat quickly and suffer serious damage. The relief valve is used to protect the safety of the machine and the operator, and should not be adjusted at will.

5. Except for electrical professionals, no one shall disassemble or install electrical appliances at will, so as to avoid electric shock or misconnection;

6. When working on the lifting platform, prevent the hands, feet and clothing from being squeezed;

7. After the lifting platform is raised, if it needs to stay for a period of time, or need to enter the workbench for maintenance, the hoisting pole must be used to support the lifting platform to prevent the workbench from falling and hurting;

8. The relief valve must not be arbitrarily adjusted. The hydraulic components in the hydraulic system are all working under the specified pressure. Under the condition that the pressure is too large and the relief valve is still not open, the workbench may suddenly land, making people Machines and objects will be damaged.

Company Information:

Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

LUXMAIN Precision Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007, Equipped with over 100 sets of advanced manufacturing equipments and precision inspection instruments, LUXMAIN dedicates in the design & development, manufacturing and services of inground lifts, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic control system. The annual production capacity in inground car lifts reaches 10,000 sets, specialized high pressure oil cylinders reaches 40,000 pieces and hydraulic control system reaches 10,000 sets. The products are mainly car jack lift, Quick Lift, Inground Lift, etc. Our products are widely applied in Automotive Industry, Vehicle maintenance, Construction machinery etc.

Inground Car Lift

Companies keep the direction of "professional, standards ,innovation", guided by technological innovation, quality assurance as a guarantee, to provide users with safe, accurate and efficient standardized products, personalized customization.


1.What kind of vehicles can LUXMAIN quick lift be lifted? 

The quick lift is suitable for vehicles with a wheelbase between 2400mm and 3000mm, which includes most A and B class vehicles and some C-class vehicles.

2.What is the maximum lifting weight of LUXMAIN Quick Lift? 

Depending on the type of product, the maximum lifting weight of Quick Lift can be within 2.5t or within 3.5t. This figure also covers most of the daily use vehicles.

3.Can the power supply of LUXMAIN  Quick Lift be 110V or 380V?

The 110V power supply can be realized by supporting the corresponding 110V power unit; for safety, the 380V power supply is not recommended.

By changing the power outlet, it can adapt to the power interface standards of all countries in the world.

4.What is  the weight of Luxmain Quick Lift? 

The single-sided lifting frame weighs approximately 42kg and is equipped with a roller that can be dragged or translated. The power unit is about 23kg.

5.What is the warranty of Luxmain Quick Lift ?

One year 

6.Is Luxmain quick lift waterproof,dustproof,corrosion resistant? 

It has excellent waterproof,dustproof,corrosion resistance, and the lift can even reach the level of “bubble water”, which can adapt to work in muddy and humid environment for a long time.



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+86 535 6736715


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