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    1 Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

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1 Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift Qualified Operator and User Description:

1 Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

1 Professionally trained personnel can operate and use the lift.

2 Electrical connections must be made by a regular electrician.

3 Non-professionals should not approach the lift area.

1 Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift Safety:

Be sure to pay attention to the tonnage mark on the machine. Do not attempt to lift the vehicle beyond the rated lift weight. Please read this manual carefully before installing and operating the lift to avoid damage to your property due to improper operation. No user shall change the control and other mechanical parts of the machine without the permission of the manufacturer.


1. Check the parts for damage at any time, check the synchronism of the machine and the flexibility of the moving parts, and pay attention to regular maintenance. If abnormal conditions are found, stop using them immediately and contact the dealer.

2. After the operation is finished, please minimize the machine and turn off the power.

3. Do not modify the components of the lift without the manufacturer's permission.

4. If 1 Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift is not used for a long time, the user should cut off the power; vent the hydraulic oil; the moving parts are lubricated with hydraulic oil.



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