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What to Pay Attention to When Using Car Jack Lift!
2019-04-11 18:47:59

Hydraulic Car Jack Lift

When traveling, it is inevitable that there will be accidents in the car. Whenever the car accident occurs, the most used is the Hydraulic Car Jack Lift, which is a commonly used powerful part. When using the Car Jack Lift, pay attention to the following points:

When the vehicle Hydraulic Portable Auto Scissor Car Jack Lift is jacked up, the engine must never be started, because the vibration of the engine or the rotation of the wheels can cause the vehicle to slip from the jack and cause danger. To ensure safety, the Lifting Scissor Car Lift Jack Portable generally has a fixed position and cannot be supported by a Car Jack Lift on the bumper or beam.

Car maintenance personnel must not work under unsupported vehicles. When changing wheels, passengers cannot stay in the car because their movement may cause the vehicle to slip off the Hydraulic Car Jack Lift. If there is no Car Jack Lift at the time of tire change, different emergency measures can be taken depending on the position of the tire to be replaced.

When the outer tires of the two wheels are removed, the inner wheel of the vehicle can be stopped on the wooden block or stone with the appropriate height to make the outer tires vacant and replace. The Hydraulic Portable Auto Scissor Car Jack Lift should pay attention to tightening the hand brake and plugging the front wheel.

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