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The Underground Car Lift staff reminds you that the bad car is bad at the end, do 5 points for the car to run for five years.
2019-04-23 14:20:45

As the saying goes, "The bad car is bad at the bottom", the quality of the vehicle is good or bad, and the chassis is one of the most intuitive signs. When the car owners usually do maintenance for the car, the car maintenance usually only pays attention to the body and the engine. It is very easy to ignore the inconspicuous chassis. Although the car chassis is rust-proof, the muddy water is corroded and long-lasting. Baking, snow melting agent corrosion, plus you smash from time to time, no matter how good the anti-rust treatment, there should be loopholes, and various corrosive substances in the air will penetrate into the body through these gaps, corroding the car parts. Especially in the case of heavy rain, rain and muddy water, how much damage can be imagined for the car chassis. Over time, the chassis rusted seriously, causing problems with mechanical functions. Underground Car Lift technology thinks, the chassis is more about the safety, operability, economy and usability of the car. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will quietly change dangerously.

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The quality of the vehicle is good or bad, and looking at the chassis is one of the most intuitive signs. Car chassis maintenance can directly affect the car's handling, comfort and economy. Underground Car Lift technology reminds you,pay attention to the following methods, the chassis is well maintained, and the car can be opened for at least five years.

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First, the installation of the chassis shield

The chassis guard was originally designed for off-road vehicles. The original car and SUV are not. If the chassis guard is installed, it can protect the mud and sand impact on the road. For the installation of chassis guards, many people may worry that the weight of the guard is too large, increase the weight of the vehicle to increase fuel consumption, or worry about the increase of wind noise or heat dissipation after the installation of the shield. In fact, there are many kinds of materials for the guard plate. The choice of the material-friendly guard plate has little effect on the weight of the whole vehicle. At the same time, the guard plate also has a special vent hole and maintenance special hole, and the heat-dissipating machine oil maintenance car is no problem.

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Second, The Underground Car Lift technology reminds you ,put a protective device on the chassis of the car - "chassis armor"

The scientific name of the chassis of the chassis is the anti-collision and anti-rust insulation of the chassis ("UNDERCOATING" primer), a high-tech adhesive rubber asphalt coating. It has non-toxicity, high coverage and high adhesion. It can be sprayed on the exposed parts of the vehicle chassis, hub, fuel tank, car lower panel, luggage, etc. It quickly forms a solid elastic protective layer to prevent flying stones and The impact of gravel, avoiding moisture, acid rain, salt erosion on the vehicle chassis metal, preventing the chassis from rusting and rusting, and protecting the driving safety of the owner. "Chassis armor" may sound like a helmet installed. In fact, it only sprays a layer of 2~4mm thick elastic sealing material under the car chassis. This is also known as "chassis sealing"

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The role of "chassis armor"

1. Sand-proof stone - can effectively protect the "shock" of pavement sandstone, no need to worry about slight bottoming friction;

2. Anti-corrosion - can prevent the corrosion of the chassis by acid, alkali, salt and other substances;

3. Anti-loose - can prevent the chassis screws from loosening, and can avoid the looseness of the chassis generated by the car to the greatest extent;

4. Anti-vibration of the engine - the wheels are fixed on the chassis of the car. Their vibration will resonate with the bottom plate and vibrate at a certain frequency. After adding "armor", it can eliminate certain vibration resonance;

5. Noise reduction and noise reduction - can reduce the transmission of noise during driving. Many cars with poor chassis generally have relatively large wind noise and tire noise. Choosing a better "chassis armor" can improve the sound insulation effect.

6. Thermal insulation - can prevent the heat conduction of the iron plate of the chassis, making the cab warm in winter and cool in summer.

Third, chassis maintenance

Generally speaking, cars that often travel on better roads do not need to do chassis maintenance frequently. It takes about 3 months to half a year to do a thorough chassis maintenance, but it is better to clean them after a heavy rain. Heavy rain, gravel muddy water and rainwater mixed, the damage to the chassis during the driving process is very great, it is best to clean up in time, and some owners hold the idea of letting the rain wash the car, this idea is extremely wrong, the rain is acidic, especially now pollution It is getting more and more serious. It is best to go to the car wash when the rain is heavy, to prevent the rain from corroding the paint.

In addition to going to a professional car beauty shop to maintain the chassis, usually the owner can also carry out simple cleaning at home, cleaning the obvious mud and gravel, it is obviously not realistic to go to the car wash shop, especially now that car wash is more expensive, wash your car at home. Still more economical and convenient.

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The detergent used to clean the chassis is not just what you can. You should avoid using alkaline detergent when cleaning the chassis. The alkaline detergent will cause great damage to the anti-rust coating on the bottom of the car. When using the car wash liquid, it must be It should be noted that it is best to use a neutral car wash solution, which is also a protection for the body primer.

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Wash the bucket towel at the bottom of the car and separate it from the body. Because there is more gravel at the bottom of the car, use a towel and a bucket to easily scratch the body with the grit on the towel. This is not worth the loss.

Fourth, drive with caution

If you want to use the car for a long time, it is absolutely necessary to take a bad road. If you have to go bad, then you must pay attention to driving carefully. The following small series should teach you several road conditions:

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Speed bump

Coping method: one word - "slow", two words - "slow", three words - "slowly open". The role of the deceleration belt is to let the car slow down and slow down. You want to drive fast, but you don't want to be smashed into the bottom. This is "it's going to be awesome, and you love to wear a helmet"!

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2. Steep slope

Coping method: one word - "oblique", two words - "oblique", three words - "slanted open". When the car is tilted up and down, let the front side wheel of the single side reach the bottom of the slope or the top of the slope, and then slowly open it.

3. The middle bulge of the shovel on the muddy road

Coping method: In the face of the muddy road, Xiao Bian suggested that the unilateral wheel should be smashed along the protruding part, and the "mountain" stepped under the foot, you will raise the mountain high!

4. Road teeth

Coping method: One word - "made", two words - "to die", three words - "see you". You said that you have nothing to do with driving the car on the road. If you want to have a tooth, Xiaobian can only suggest that you predict the height, leave enough space for the position, and the side parking will open slowly, and you will go up.

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5. Manhole cover

Coping method: one word - "special", two words - "concentrate", three words - "big eyes." The manhole cover has always been a magical existence. On the road, it will bulge and hurt your chassis. If you are not on the road, it is like digging a pit and swallowing your tires in minutes. Therefore, Xiaobian is worried about passing through the manhole cover every time. Therefore, Xiao Bian advises everyone to drive to focus, to keep an eye on the road.

6. Pavement foreign bodies or trench potholes

Coping method: one word - "avoid", two words - "avoid", three words - "avoid the point." Pay attention to the road conditions! (Knocking on the blackboard, please remember the key points of the children's shoes!) Xiao Bian reminds everyone to pay attention to the situation of the road ahead when driving. If there is any foreign object blocking or concave grooves and potholes on the road surface, reduce the speed and avoid it in advance.

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Fifth, pay attention to tires and chassis

The chassis is the nearest ground part of the tire accident, so the tire pressure must be moderate, too high and easy to puncture. If the tire is blown during driving, it will not only cause accidents but also cause a certain degree of damage to the chassis. The tire pressure is too low, the car resistance increases, and the fuel consumption will increase accordingly.

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It is important to check the chassis regularly for oil leakage and water leakage. Usually, you should develop the habit of checking the oil passage of the vehicle frequently. Check if the oil in each liquid storage tank is between the upper and lower scale lines. If it is lower than the lower line, it should be replenished in time. If the oil level drops faster, The system has leakage, and it is necessary to immediately check the leaking part and repair it in time. In general, the chassis inspection needs to be carried out in a 4S shop or a special garage. After using the car lift to raise the car body, carefully check the condition of the chassis. If the chassis is damaged due to scraping, etc., it should be treated in time to prevent rust.

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The Underground Car Lift technology summary: Cars start from the bottom, don't wait until the chassis is really damaged. The problem will affect the daily control. So far, the problem of the car is very serious, and even affect the service life of the car.

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