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Specification for operation of portable quick lift cargo ladder
2019-09-04 08:54:07

There are many customers who are not very clear about the technical terms of temporary work. The following is a detailed introduction by a small editor from Yantai lukman Elevator Co., Ltd. At the construction site, when there is no enclosure facilities at the edge of the working face in high-altitude operation, or the height of the working face is not less than 2000px although there is enclosure facilities, this type of operation is called temporary edge operation. For example, the working conditions of the pit foundation, the floor of the frame structure construction, the surrounding of the roof, the stair section without railings, and the balcony lamp without balustrades are all temporary operations. For temporary work, temporary protective railings must be erected as required to prevent personnel and materials from falling.

Lifting ladders are more and more appearing in our perspective, but their safety requirements cannot be ignored. The following small editor will give you a detailed introduction on the safety requirements before working on the aerial work platform.

Portable Quick Lift

First, the operators of the aerial work platform must pass the safety technical training and examination, hold relevant certificates, and read through the operating instructions and safety rules before using the aerial work platform. Be familiar with all charts and warnings marked on the aerial work platform, and check whether the hydraulic oil, fuel oil and electrical system meet the requirements.

Second, before each shift change, check whether the aerial work platform has defects that affect its use and operation. The check can be carried out by observing whether there are cracked welds or other structural defects, leakage of hydraulic system, damage to control cables, loosening of wire rope joints and damage to tires, or by operating various control systems to complete various actions. All possible items should be carefully checked and a conclusion should be made as to whether they are all hazardous to safety, and whether all hazardous factors should be eliminated before use.

Third, before using the aerial work platform, should check the operation of the main parts, found that the problem timely repair. If cracks occur in structural parts and their welds, the causes shall be analyzed, and measures such as strengthening or re-welding may be taken to prevent the cracks from continuing to develop, and the cracks can only be used when they meet the original design requirements, otherwise they will be scrapped. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether there is danger in the work site, such as whether there are ravines, steep slopes, caves, gravel, air obstacles, high-voltage wires and other places that may cause danger.

Fourth, the aerial work platform should be operated by at least two people.

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