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Practical collection of auto repair industry - how to choose a "reliable" Car Quick Lift
2019-04-23 13:42:17

When it comes to Car Quick Lift, it is one of the common equipment used in auto repair shops. Almost every car repair company needs a Portable Quick Lift. It lifts the repaired car to a certain height from the ground, so that the repairman can enter the bottom of the car, or perform tire disassembly and four-wheel positioning. It brings great convenience to the repair work, combined with low price and simple use. As an indispensable and frequently used auto repair equipment, the automotive industry attaches great importance to its purchase, so it is big to the car 4S shop. As small as the roadside fast repair shop, even the car wash line has raised the demand for the lift. However, inconvenience caused during improper use and maintenance may occur from time to time, and even a mechanical accident or improper operation may result in a lift accident. In order to avoid these situations, how to purchase a "reliable" lift has become the appeal of many automotive service industries. The realistic market situation gives users more choices. How to correctly purchase the lift, the author tries to give users some suggestions from the following six aspects, analyze how the enterprise chooses the "reliable" lift.

Portable Quick Lift

First, fully understand their own situation

Before purchasing a Portable Quick Lift, you must consider the structural layout of your own company's workshop, the number of daily maintenance vehicles, the frequency of use of each lift, and the purchase cost that the company can afford. Only when you fully understand your company's situation and After the demand, you can choose the type of lift according to your own use, and avoid avoiding blind purchase.

Quickjack Portable Lift Price

Second, the safety of the lift is the first priority

The Car Quick Lift is a lifting device, and the life is the first and the safety is the first. Therefore, when purchasing a lift, its safety should be taken as the top priority, and its safety indicators, safety device functions, and the responsibility of the manufacturer for safety can be carefully examined. Be sure to purchase a safe, reliable, and simple maintenance lift. Otherwise, it will affect the work efficiency to a certain extent. If there is a human or mechanical failure, the lift accident is a big problem. Therefore, no matter what kind of lift is chosen, the safety of people and vehicles is the real top priority. For example, screw-type lifts are prone to slipping or jamming of the screw nut due to design defects, mechanical structural defects, and aging of materials, and even the wire rope is broken, resulting in a vehicle drop accident. Therefore, the screw lift is less safe and requires more maintenance work. It is a general trend that the screw-type lift is replaced by a hydraulic lift. It is recommended that the maintenance company not choose the screw-type lift for cheap, but should choose the current mainstream type product, namely the hydraulic lift. The hydraulic lift has the advantages of good safety performance, long maintenance period and high work efficiency. Of course, this does not mean that the hydraulic lift must be very safe, and the accident caused by human factors or the quality defects of the product itself can also cause accidents. Therefore, standardizing the use of operators is also an important consideration for the safety of lifts.

Portable Quick Lift Car Lift

Third, according to the layout of the workshop structure and the specific scope of work to choose the type of lift

At present, there are many types of stores in the auto repair industry, ranging from auto 4S shops to small chain repair shops, from auto beauty and decoration shops to street car washes, which have rigid demand for car lifts. However, the store layout cannot be unified. Some storefronts are large and the workstations are sufficient. There is no need to consider the land occupation problem of the lifts. Some storefronts are small in size and small in height. They may have to consider using outdoor venues for temporary lifting. l, this kind of customer may be more inclined to lift equipment quickly; some stores are relatively high-end, pursuing clean and tidy, specifically for high-end customers, such customers may prefer the Tibetan-style lift. In short, it is the best to meet your own needs.

Movable Car Lift

Below we will talk about the most suitable customer groups for each type of lift from the type of lift:

Hydraulic double column lift

Hydraulic double-column lifts are widely used in the repair and maintenance of small cars such as cars, and are the most common car lifts.

Movable Scissor Car Lift

The two-column car lift lifts the car in the air while saving a lot of floor space and facilitating ground operations, making it suitable for lifting and maintenance of most car and pickup trucks. However, the double-column car lift generally removes the bottom plate for maximum material savings. Since there is no bottom plate, the torsion of the column needs to be offset by the ground, so the foundation is required to be high. If there is a beam (gantry lift), it is offset by the beam. Double-column lifts generally require an underground pre-embedded unit, so this lift is suitable for customers who are located on the ground floor and can lay foundations. If the store foundation is unqualified, the cement is not thick enough, and there is a parking lot underground, this lifting equipment may not be installed properly. At the same time, the lifting machine has relatively low production difficulty and craftsmanship. There are also many domestic and foreign manufacturers and brands, and the choice of face is relatively large. However, this does not mean that the double-column lift is completely free of problems. The following problems are common in such lifts: 1. Synchronous wire rope and safety mechanism wire rope is a vulnerable part. It needs regular (daily) inspection and found the wire rope. When it is obviously worn, corroded or deformed, it should be replaced in time; 2. The door is inaccessible or unable to open after entering the lifting position; 3. The hydraulic oil is used more and needs to be replaced every year. This increases the maintenance cost of this type of lift. 4. The low-cost two-column hydraulic lift has a limited load-bearing range (generally less than 4t) and can only be used for general vehicle maintenance and lifting operations. It is not suitable for retrofitting vehicles, special vehicles, or military vehicles.

2. Scissor lift

Scissor lifts are mainly divided into large shears (female and female), small shears (single shears), mobile small shears, and ultra-thin lifts. The principle is that the execution part adopts the scissor stacking form. The electric drive mechanical transmission structure achieves the purpose of lifting.

Car Quick Lift

The large shear lift is currently widely used for large vehicle maintenance operations. The lift speed of the large scissor lift is moderate and does not occupy the position of the pit. For some models, the repair field is relatively fixed and the work intensity is large (such as bus). Is the best choice. Moreover, due to its simple structure and good synchronism, it is commonly used as a platform for a four-wheel aligner. It is the best lifting device for use with a four-wheel aligner and can be used for vehicle maintenance, tire and chassis maintenance. It can be installed in trenches or it can be installed directly on the ground.

The small shear lift is mainly used for vehicle maintenance and repair, with high safety and convenient operation. After grooving, it is level with the ground.

Quick Lift Car Lift For Sale

The ultra-thin scissor lift does not require trenching and is suitable for any car repair company. For example, some floor slabs are not suitable for installing two-post lifts and ordinary four-column lifts, while the ultra-thin scissor lift base has a large contact surface with the floor slab and can be directly installed on the floor-type ground to solve customer site problems. This type of lift has begun to be used on a large scale abroad and is also a mainstream product in the future.

Portable Single Post Car Lift

To save installation space, increase operating space, and require maintenance and four-wheel alignment, consider the scissor lift, of which the ultra-thin scissor lift is the most advantageous.

Scissor lifts are precision instruments. Because of poor workmanship or poor design, it is easy to cause unevenness of the table top, and unilateral lifting and other dangers occur. Most customers generally use the scissor lift as a platform for the four-wheel aligner. Strict, so please don't buy one or two thousand dollars for the immature products.

3. Tibetan-style lift

Compared to other lifts, which are different on the ground, the underground lift is a type of lifting device that places the main unit underground and has only the control box and the lifting arm on the ground. The emergence of the Tibetan-style lifts has made the originally crowded and messy workshops clean and tidy, and instantly upgraded the store's grades. It is a tool for some enterprises to differentiate their competition. This kind of lift has the advantages of safety, stability, high efficiency and convenience, simple maintenance, easy to use, good man-machine environment, simple appearance and other ground-mounted lifts. It has been favored by foreign customers and has gradually become a high-end foreign high-end. Car maintenance and standard options for 4S stores. According to the number of hydraulic columns of the Tibetan-style lift, it is further divided into:

①Single-column underground lifting machine: mainly used for quick repair and maintenance, car beauty, tire replacement, etc.

Inground Car Lift

②Double-column type Inground Car Lift: In addition to the single-column function, the reliability of the whole equipment is very high due to the design of its special synchronization and secondary increase.

Single Post Inground Car Lift

③Multi-column Inground Car Lifts: These lifts are mainly used for repair and lifting of large and heavy vehicles. With greater lift weight, better balance and stability.

4. Portable Lift

Portable lifts are designed in the small and medium-sized auto repair industry in recent years to reduce the size and weight of lifts. Portable lifts are mainly used for tire maintenance, car beauty, road rescue and home use. It is mainly used for the overall lifting of cars with a weight of 3.5t or less. It consists of two left and right scissor structures. Powered by a hydraulic cylinder, it can be connected to 220V AC mains or 12V power supply for vehicles. The overall weight is light and can be handled by one person. Solved a lot of things that the previous jacks couldn't solve. And because of the simple structure, the price is much cheaper than other lifts.

Double Scissor Car Lift

This lift is a market segmentation product that specifically addresses the needs of some car repair and maintenance companies that have the need for lifts, but are not limited to jacks. The adaptability of the product is very good, and the price is lower than the average hydraulic double-column lift, which is more portable, and the lifting weight is much larger than the jack. It can directly use the car battery to provide power, and can realize the characteristics of synchronous balance lifting. To meet the needs of such as car rescue, high-end car beauty shop, tire shop and car modification DIY.

Double Level Scissor Car Lift For Wheel Alignment

5. New energy car battery board special lifting machine

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, many hybrid vehicles are equipped with a large new energy vehicle panel on the car floor. The weight of this panel is not light (200~300kg). When the panel needs to be repaired and replaced, it is difficult to ensure the safety of the panel with human strength. Therefore, the special lifting device for new energy vehicle panels came into being. Its birth specifically solved the safety problem of disassembly and installation of new energy vehicle panels.

Inground Car Lift For Sale

Fourth, the emphasis on the durability and ease of use of the lift is stronger than the brand

The lift is a very demanding equipment in the auto repair industry. To ensure that it is not lost due to a malfunction of the lift, the company should choose a product with reliable quality. While attaching importance to the brand of the lift, we must also select the required lift products according to our own needs and positioning. A durable, easy-to-maintain lift is not necessarily a brand, and the brand's lift is not necessarily easy to use. The simpler the operation, the maximum avoidance of human-induced lift accidents and unnecessary losses; durable and easy to maintain can show greater value in the later stages of product use.

Hydraulic Scissor Design Car Lift

Fifth, Choose a lift according to the market positioning of your store.

I believe that everyone should understand that a high-end storefront is neat and tidy, and the high-end equipment is affirmative. High-end services can attract high-end customers; high-end services definitely require high-end equipment. In the same way, if it is a roadside fast-repair shop, the decoration is magnificent, and it is estimated that not many people dare to enter. Therefore, before opening a store, we must do a good analysis of the surrounding business districts, see what kind of consumption concept the surrounding business circle meets, and meet the consumption concept of the surrounding residents, in order to gain a long-term foothold. This is not just the automotive industry, any other dining, entertainment, etc. are the same.

Two Post Inground Car Lift

Sixth, the peripheral products of the lift also need to be taken into account

The realistic market situation gives users more choices. Some choose low prices, some choose stylish, some choose famous, some choose old, and some users feel that they can't start. Before the purchase of the lift, in addition to the market positioning and the type of lift mentioned before the analysis, the maintenance and maintenance costs around the lift also need to be taken into consideration. For example, the well-known double-column lifts may require some maintenance materials to be more expensive, require more frequent maintenance, and increase the cost of use in disguise; some lifts, such as the Tibetan-style lifts, may start to buy. It is more expensive, but it requires little maintenance in the later period, saving effort and effort.

Two Post Car Lft

In short, how to buy a "reliable" lift, and finally summarize the following suggestions:

First of all, the safety of the lift must be considered as the first priority.

Secondly, after fully understanding the status and needs of the company, choose the type of lift according to your own use.

Third, fully analyze the structural performance of the lift and the later cost of maintenance.

Fourth, comprehensive analysis makes purchase decisions.

The lifting machine is a lifting device, and the Car Quick Lift is the first and the safety is the first. Therefore, when purchasing a lift, its safety should be taken as the top priority, and its safety indicators, safety device functions, and the responsibility of the manufacturer for safety can be carefully examined.

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