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Portable Quick Lift in the auto repair industry - safety is the first element
2019-04-23 14:57:07

Car Quick Lifts are one of the most commonly used equipment in auto repair shops. It lifts the repaired car to a certain height from the ground, so that the repairman can enter the bottom of the car, or perform tire disassembly and four-wheel positioning. It brings great convenience to the repair work. In addition, the price is low and the use is simple. Therefore, it is as large as the 4S shop of the car, as small as the roadside repair booth, and even the oil shop and the car wash line have put forward the demand for the lift. Strong demand has driven the manufacture and sale of lifts.  At one time, there were hundreds of domestic elevator manufacturers, the quality of the products was mixed, the advertising wars were raging, the marketing methods were refurbished from time to time, and the sales price dropped.

Car Quick Lift

The realistic market situation gives users more choices. Some choose low prices, some choose stylish, some choose famous, some choose old, and some users feel that they can't start.

How to buy the Car Quick Lift correctly, the author tries to give the user some suggestions from the following aspects:

First, consider the safety of the lift as a top priority.

Second, choose the type of lift according to your own use.

Third, analyze the structural performance of the lift.

Fourth, comprehensive analysis makes purchase decisions.

The safety of the lift is the number one priority

The lifting machine is a lifting device, and the life is the first and the safety is the first. Therefore, when purchasing a lift, its safety should be taken as the top priority, and its safety indicators, safety device functions, and the responsibility of the manufacturer for safety can be carefully examined.

Quick Lift Car Lift For Sale

Select the type of lift according to the application

There are many types of lifts, and different types differ in structure and function. Before purchasing a lift, you should first determine what your lift is for, and then choose the appropriate type of lift depending on the application.

At present, the lifts on the market are generally divided into several types according to their structural types: column type, diadem type and pallet type. The structural characteristics are briefly described below.

Portable Single Post Car Lift

Column lift

The structural feature of the column Car Quick Lift is that it has a column. The lifting portion (slide member) moves up and down the column by hydraulic or mechanical action to lift the car. Column lifts can be divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission according to different transmission modes. According to the number of columns, it is divided into single column type, double column type, four column type and multi column type.

Mobile Quick Lift For Car

The mechanically driven column lift is a lifting function using a screw nut mechanism. It generates power from the motor, decelerates through the reducer, screw drive, and the nut drives the lifting parts to achieve lifting. Its simple structure and low cost are the main forms of the initial lift. However, it has large mechanical wear during work (mainly wear between the lead screw and the working nut), limited working life, large maintenance workload, low transmission efficiency and large working noise. In recent years, this type of structure has been applied to some large tonnage (8 tons or more) or special purpose lifts, but it has gradually been replaced by advanced and practical hydraulic transmissions on the main models of small to medium tonnage.

Mobile Scissor Quick Lift For Car

The hydraulically driven column lift is the main form of the current lift. It uses a hydraulic cylinder mounted inside the column to push (or pull) the slide table components for lifting. It is driven by electro-hydraulic station, with reasonable structure, stable operation, high transmission efficiency and less mechanical wear. It is the main type of lift produced in recent years.

The single-column Car Quick Lift features a single column that lifts the car by hydraulic or mechanical action. It is fixed to the ground and mobile. Many people think that it has only one column, and the force conditions are not good when lifting, and this type is rarely used. In fact, this type of lift is completely free of these problems. If you use the Bisman Tibetan single-column lift, there is also the advantage of saving space and increasing the strength. The biggest advantage of this type of lift is that it does not occupy floor space. Unlike the old-fashioned lift machines, they are placed in the repair shop to take up space. Moreover, the operation space is large, and the performance is safe and stable.

Mobile Car Scissor Quick Lift For Sale

The double-column lift is the main force of the lift, especially the double-column hydraulic lift is the main equipment of the car repair enterprise. It features two columns that are lifted by a hydraulic cylinder or screw nut drive. It has 3t, 3.5t, 4t and other lifting weights. It is the most commonly used variety in car repair, occupying the vast majority of lifts.

The four-post lift features four columns that lift the car through hydraulic cylinders or screw nut drives. It is mainly used to lift various cars below 20t. Commonly used is a four-post lift for four-wheel positioning with a secondary lifting device.

Hydraulic Car Lift For Service Station

A multi-column car lift is a column car lift with more than four columns (6, 8 etc.). It is mainly used for lifting articulated buses and trams, which is a rare species.

Hydraulic Car Lift For Service Station Wholesale

Rhombus type (scissors) lift

The structural feature of the gantry type car lift is that the main part is composed of one or more diamond frames, and the lifting of the car is promoted by the hydraulic cylinder acting on the gantry. Its advantage is that after shrinking, the volume is small, the frame can be lowered into the ground trough, and the top can be flush with the ground, which is not only convenient for the car to go up and down, but also does not occupy space. However, after it is raised, the girders occupy a large space, and the contact surface with the bottom of the car is large, which is inconvenient for the personnel to work in the lower part. It is more suitable for oil change, four-wheel positioning and other operations of the car, and is not suitable for repairing the car.

Portable Single Post Car Lift

Pallet lift

The pallet lift is mainly used for the overall lifting of cars with a weight of 4t or less. It consists of two left and right scissor structures. The scissor structure is equipped with a pallet for lifting the bottom of the car or the tire. It is actually a variant of the gantry lift, with the advantages and disadvantages of the gantry lift, and is one of the less used varieties.

Portable lift

Portable lifts are designed in the small and medium-sized auto repair industry in recent years to reduce the size and weight of lifts. Portable lifts are mainly used for tire maintenance, car beauty, road rescue and home use. It is mainly used for the overall lifting of cars with a weight of 5t or less. It consists of two left and right scissor structures. Powered by a hydraulic cylinder, it can be connected to 220V AC mains or 12V power supply for vehicles. The overall weight is light and can be handled by one person. Solved a lot of things that the previous jacks couldn't solve. And because of the simple structure, the price is much cheaper than other lifts.

Quick Lift Car Lift For Sale

Movable Car Lift

When purchasing a lift, users should first make a decision on which type of lift to purchase based on their own requirements and refer to the above brief introduction to the structure of the lift.

First of all, the choice of lifting tonnage should be made. The user should select the lift weight of the lift according to the weight of the car he is repairing. For users who mainly repair bicycles, they can choose 3t, 3.5t or 4t lifts; if they are mainly trucks or special vehicles, they should choose 6t, 8t, 12t or 20t according to the weight of the main vehicle. Lift.

Movable Scissor Car Lift

Secondly, the type of Car Quick Lift should be selected according to the main scope of work. For four-wheel positioning, you should choose a four-column special lift or a sub-mother-type (scissor) lift with a secondary lifting mechanism; for oil change or tire work, you can use a double column or Rack-type lift; if you want to repair multiple vehicles at the same time with as few lifts as possible, you can use a mobile lift; if the space is limited, you can choose a Tibetan lift; for most repairs For off-road vehicles and mini-vehicle-based repair shops, double-column hydraulic lifts should be used. If it is a group of people engaged in tire maintenance, car repair, car wash beauty, etc., portable lift is undoubtedly the best choice.

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