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Only the details of the car Quick Lift manufacturers know
2019-08-14 15:11:31

Often working under a car Quick Lift, it is important to know how accurate the design and construction of the lift is to allow dozens of parts and components to work perfectly and harmoniously to ensure the safety of you and the vehicle.

For this chapter on lift technology, we will explain the wire rope, pulleys and shafts. They are the most frequently used and most worn parts of car lifts. These key components are usually divided into two categories: one is load retention and the other is balance. The load is maintained and the car is quite raised. The balance is to ensure that the car stays level when lifting.

Wire rope strength design factor

The wire rope strength design factor is the ratio of the actual strength of the wire rope divided by its maximum load. For example, a wire rope has been tested by a nationally certified test laboratory with a strength of 20 tons and is ultimately used to support 4 tons of tension. Because it runs at 20% of its rating, the wire rope is equivalent to a design with 5 times the strength. Since car lifts involve personnel safety, high-strength designs are required. 

Car Quick Lift

Corroded wire rope

Type of pulley

There are two main types of support wire rope: U-shaped sheaves and V-shaped sheaves.

U-groove pulleys are the first choice for Car Washing Lift. This type of pulley has a wider groove to reduce the friction between the wire rope and the pulley, while the V-shaped groove wheel.

Load the wire rope.

If the wire rope is used as a load holding component (such as a four-column), the tensile force shall be tested and verified in accordance with US ANSI design standards to achieve a load capacity of 5 times. The standard also includes components such as steel strands, leaf chains and pulleys. 


Car Lift

Balanced wire rope

If the primary responsibility of the wire rope is to ensure that the two cylinders on the two-post lift are relatively uniform, they are equalized components, which we commonly call "balanced wire ropes". The safety standards for balancing wire ropes are slightly relaxed, but it is not that they are not important. When the wire rope is mainly used for equalization, the loss on the wire rope will be much less. According to the American ANSI design standard, the tensile strength of the balanced wire rope reaches 3 times the load, including pulleys, axles and fixings. 

Car Washing Lift

Therefore, in the same tonnage, the wire rope on the four columns is larger than the diameter of the double column!

Most users will care more about the size of the lift, lift and price! However, it is rare to pay attention to wearable parts such as wire rope pulley components! These wear parts will be replaced sooner or later! The question is, when will it be replaced? How much does it cost? 

The relationship between the pulley and the wire rope

The larger the diameter of the pulley, the smaller the bending stress of the wire rope is, which is beneficial to prolong the service life. The smaller the diameter of the pulley, the greater the bending stress on the wire rope and the shorter the service life. The difference between the 260MM and 300mm pulleys may seem small, but for mechanical engineers it creates a different world. A good wire rope pulley can save your maintenance costs, which is not noticed by many people. When you change the wire rope every few years, a well-made pulley requires almost no other serious inspections.

We will tell you as much as possible about the technical details of the lift, letting you know that the lift is not only to lift the car, it is a beautiful project. When you next purchase and maintain the Car Lift, take the time to understand these small parts, because these small parts improve the safety and stability of the lift!

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