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How to Operate Home Garage Lift?
2019-09-11 08:33:18

Nowadays more and more enterprises, 4S stores and automobile repair factories have recognized the four-pillar automobile lift, because it does bring great efficiency and economic benefits to enterprises or repair industry. But because the four-pillar automobile lift is a new type of equipment just emerging, which used to be used for automobile maintenance only, frame automobile lift customized, load and lifting height have limitations, so now many customers do not know much about the safe operation. Here's to explain for you:

Home Garage Lift

1. Before use, the lifts should be cleared of the equipment and sundries that hinder the operation, and check whether the operation handle is normal.

2. Check and test the operation mechanism to keep sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system to maintain normal operation.

3. After the elevator vehicle enters, the garage car elevator is customized. The hand brake of the vehicle should be pulled properly so as to avoid the phenomenon of car slipping and cause unnecessary losses in the process of elevation.

4. If the vehicle is being repaired, the personnel should leave the vehicle when lifting. When lifting to a certain height, the safety lock pin must be inserted to ensure safety and reliability before undercarriage operation can begin.

5. Except for low-cost insurance and minor repairs, other cumbersome and cumbersome operations, Alashan automobile lifts are customized and may not be operated or repaired on lifts.

6. Lifters shall not rise and fall frequently.

7. It is strictly forbidden to rise or fall when someone is working.

8. If it is found that the Home Garage Lift is not working properly, the household garage elevator is customized, the motor is not synchronized, and the hydraulic part leaks oil, it should be repaired in time and not operate with illness.

9. Clean up the debris and the surrounding area of the elevator to keep the site clean and tidy after the operation.

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