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How To Improve The Service Life Of The Inground Lift?
2019-04-11 14:49:54

inground car lift

First of all, the underground car lift often works in high temperature and humid places. If the general lubricating oil is used, it obviously does not have a good lubrication effect. For this reason, everyone should choose those anti-emulsification and water resistance when choosing the lubricating oil. A very strong heat-resistant oxidation stabilizer. Secondly, the lubrication point of the two post underground car lift also has its particularity:

1. Normally, the wet section of the lift, that is, the headbox to the press section, is sealed with a sealed bearing shell to prevent water immersion and cross-contamination caused by grease spillage. Therefore, the lubrication point of the grease at the wet end should be more regularly checked by the manual inspection and the grease is replaced.

2. The dry section of the lift adopts the central lubrication station to pump the lubricating oil to the bearings for lubrication and heat dissipation due to the high temperature during operation. Therefore, the lubrication station of the dry section of the lift is usually selected in the standard general-purpose model, and it is better to be better in terms of oil filtering ability and oil temperature control ability. Therefore, in order to improve the service life of the inground car lift, it is necessary to use a good lubricant to understand the lubrication point of the Inground Lift.

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