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How to choose Mini Hydraulic Jack
2019-04-12 09:01:18

Mini Hydraulic Jack

The Mini Hydraulic Jack's function is to lift heavy objects. When choosing a model, we first need to know the tonnage of the heavy object, which is crucial in our selection of the Mini Hydraulic Car Jack Quick Lift. The rated load capacity (unit: Ton(KN)) we choose should be 1.2 times greater than the weight, which will greatly increase our safety factor during the jacking process. For example, if the weight is 100 tons, then the Mini Mobile Hydraulic Car Jack Quick Lift we selected should have a rated load capacity of 120 tons or more.

Body height: refers to the height of the Mini Hydraulic Jack piston rod when it is not extended, which represents the minimum distance between the focus and the placement plane of the Mini Hydraulic Car Jack Quick Lift.

Working stroke: referred to as “stroke”, refers to the maximum length that the Mini Mobile Hydraulic Car Jack Quick Lift can extend. It represents the lifting height of the heavy object during a jacking process. In the jacking project, the fewer the number of jacking, the more time-saving and labor-saving.Therefore, we prefer to use the Mini Hydraulic Car Jack Quick Lift stroke value to approximate the height value that the heavy object needs to lift.

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