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How the elevator works
2019-08-16 09:56:07

The quick lift device for lifting the inner circle controls the motion direction of the two cylinders. If the worktable 1 is to be lifted, the reversing valve 7 is set to the right, and the hydraulic oil discharged by the pump 1 0 is supplied to the rod-shaped cavity of the auxiliary cylinder 4 through the one-way valve 9, the speed regulating valve 8 and the reversing valve 7. at this time, the hydraulic control one-way valve 6 is opened, so that the hydraulic oil in the rod-shaped cavity of the auxiliary cylinder 4 flows into the rod-shaped cavity of the main cylinder 3 through the hydraulic control one-way valves 6 and 5, while the hydraulic oil in the rod-shaped cavity of the main cylinder 3 flows back into the oil tank 18 through the reversing valve 7, the two-position two-way reversing valve 14 and the throttle valve 15, thus causing the piston rod of the auxiliary cylinder 4 to drive the counterweight 2 to drop, This process is equivalent to transferring the potential energy of the counterweight 2 to the working method. After the large-tonnage components are assembled on the ground, the whole is lifted to a predetermined height and installed in place. The installation process is simple, fast, safe and reliable. Since the end of 1980s, this technology has been successfully applied to the reliability and durability tests of gas control systems in China. In addition, it is necessary to check the advantages and disadvantages of various control algorithms and control strategies of the computer control system, so as to provide basis for actual promotion and obtain the best promotion effect. For this reason, a large-scale component hydraulic synchronous lifting test bed is designed. The test bed consists of three parts: hydraulic synchronous lifting test bed. Hydraulic loading test bed and computer control system. This paper only describes the function and debugging test of the hydraulic synchronous lifting test bed. When the lifting workbench carries the workpiece to ascend, the hydraulic cylinder is required to provide driving force to it, i.e. the hydraulic cylinder outputs energy to the workbench; However, the potential energy will be released when the workbench descends with the workpiece.

quick lift

It is necessary to simulate the hydraulic synchronous lifting equipment before the actual project is implemented. The tests include loading tests and pressure tests of synchronous lifting cylinders, hydraulic pump stations, jacks, etc., fast lifting and sensing detection systems.

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