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  • How does the Hydraulic Portable Auto Scissor Car Jack Lift work?

    2019-04-11 17:47:00
    The car scissor lift is divided into large shears and small shears, mainly relying on a hydraulic pump to lift the carrier plate up. Some small shears now do not require a mechanical lock, but instead use the interlock function of the main and auxiliary cylinders. Under normal circumstances, large scissors will still take the form of mechanical locks.
  • Advantage of Car Scissor Lift

    2019-04-11 17:25:50
    The Car Scissor Lift is equipped with a small shear that uses the same hydraulic balance control as the main shear. The hydraulics of the main and auxiliary cylinders ensure the balance of the system. It has the following advantages: no connecting rod, comfortable working, barrier-free, running board The distance can be adjusted freely.
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