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Double Scissor Car Lift installation points
2019-04-11 18:17:07

Double Scissor Car Lift

1. Pre-installation of the Double Scissor Car Lift: foundation size, pre-buried pipe location. Install foundation concrete thick bottom 200MM, strength C25. The station size requires 4*7 meters. The site must have 380V and 220V power supplies. There must be a source of gas at the site.


2, Double Level Scissor Car Lift for Wheel Alignment installation tool preparation: with a good impact drill, wrench, hammer. One forklift, No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.


3, open the package list accessories: Unpack the outer packaging, inventory accessories. Use a forklift to remove the hydraulic bracket of the Hydraulic Scissor Design Car Lift platform. The two platforms are placed in the installation station (note that the main and sub-platforms are distinguished) close to the control cabinet is the main platform.


4.Tubing connection and limit: The sub-platform oil pipe is connected with the main platform tee, and the sub-platform gas pipe is connected with the main platform three vent pipe. The limit line in the control cabinet is connected to the travel switch. The Double Scissor Car Lift tubing is connected to the control panel valve plate connector.

5. Connect the external power supply and increase the hydraulic oil. Adjust the position of the platform: Connect the power cable of the control cabinet to the external power supply, and adjust the distance between the front, rear, left and right sides of the Double Level Scissor Car Lift for Wheel Alignment platform and the two platforms.?

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