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Causes That The Portable Quick Lift Is Slow
2019-04-12 18:12:18

Portable Quick Lift Car Lift

1. The rise and fall speed of the Portable Quick Lift is slowed down, and the relief valve is self-tuned. After the relief valve is commissioned, the speed is not increased, and the reverse rail-type ascending and descending freight elevator reveals the failure to stop operation.

2. After the Quick Jack Portable Lift Price was purchased and applied, the slow speed was slowed down due to improper use or aging and the use of hydraulic Portable Quick Lift Car Lift. After the speed is slowed down, first consider the factors of the problem hydraulic oil flow. Factors affecting hydraulic oil flow are: hydraulic lines, hydraulic valves, hydraulic oil pumps, motor speed control devices, etc.

3.The relief valve is normally placed inside the pump station and has a commissioning valve on one side. Its utility is to avoid excessive pressure in the hydraulic system and to take care of the hydraulic system settings. The relief valve is dangerous. If the pressure inside the cylinder or the oil pipe is too large, it is likely to reveal a serious failure of the explosion. The Portable Quick Lift customer stopped the operation due to the self-tuning of the relief valve.

4. The hydraulic pump is also a factor that affects the flow of hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic pump is used for a long time, it is easy to reveal the problem. When the hydraulic pressure rises and falls, the platform speed is slowed down, it should be checked whether the hydraulic pump oil supply flow is stable.

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