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Brief Introduction and Installation of Elevated Limits
2019-08-28 15:12:28

Company introduction:

It is one of the manufacturers specializing in the production of hydraulic lifting platforms in northern Shandong and one of the largest producers of scissor-type, sleeve-type, crank-arm-type and aluminum alloy lifts. The company has excellent production equipment, advanced and reasonable technology, complete detection means, strong technical force, all products meet the national industry standards, and all products have passed the national special equipment monitoring station. Shandong shituo hydraulic machinery co., ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of series of hydraulic lifting platforms. it is one of the designated manufacturers of hydraulic lifting platforms. the factory has excellent production equipment, complete testing methods and strong technical force. the products have six series and more than 50 varieties. all the performance and technical indexes meet the national industry standards. with the pace of reform and opening up for many years, the company has developed rapidly and has now become the main domestic production enterprise of hydraulic lifting platforms. Shandong shituo hydraulic machinery co., ltd firmly believes that sustainable development can only be achieved through continuous innovation.

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Brief Introduction of Elevated and Height-limited Rods

Setting principle of the limited elevated frame: the limited elevated frame position is generally one conductor, that is, the conductor of the largest vehicle that the culvert is designed to pass through. the width of the limited elevated frame is the same as that of the culvert (in general, the width will not cause accidents, and there are many). the limited height is generally -20cm of the clear height of the culvert (but it cannot completely guarantee that vehicles passing through the limited elevated frame will not have accidents in the culvert, such as loose goods, vehicles bouncing off uneven ground, and so on.

Installation method of limited overhead line

1. Construction method:

For limited overhead installation, first check the axis of concrete foundation and the elevation of the top surface of the foundation, and adopt the method of hoisting by pieces. Hoist all steel columns first. After correction and fixation, hoist the frame steel beams in turn, adjust with the hoisting, and then carry out installation and reinforcement.

2. Preparation before installation

① Construction of column foot bolts: recheck the column foot positioning axis of civil foundation construction and bury foundation bolts. In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the anchor bolt, the anchor bolt shall be positioned and fixed with the steel template hole sleeve, and the concrete pouring construction can be carried out after repeated check and error-free. The part of anchor bolts exposed to the ground shall be wrapped and protected with plastic cloth.

(2). Prepare the installation plan and component supply plan, organize the construction.

(3) Check steel components: steel components shall have the factory certificate when leaving the factory. Check the components according to the drawings before installation, and transport the components to the installation scope according to the installation sequence. Under the condition that installation is not affected, try to place the components below the installation position to ensure the convenience of installation.

(4) the standard section of the installation process

(5). Installation quality standards

Allowable deviation of item name

Overall H/100 and ≤10mm for verticality single column buildings

L/1000 and ≤10mm for beam surface with standard height

Column top ≤5mm

Building height n (△ n+△ n+△ w)

3. Installation and construction technology

① Installation of steel column: Before hoisting, first determine the location of the hoisting point of the component, determine the binding method, and take protective measures during hoisting. After lifting the steel column, when the column foot is about 30-40CM away from the anchor bolt, straighten it, align the mounting hole of the column foot with the bolt, and slowly drop the hook in place. After initial calibration, the vertical deviation is within 20MM, tighten the bolts, and the hook can be unhooked after temporary fixation.

(2) steel beam hoisting: steel beam hoisting shall be carried out after the post review is completed. during steel beam hoisting, two symmetrical binding shall be adopted for hoisting and installation in place. When the steel beam is 100MM away from the column datum plane after lifting, it will slowly be in place. After the steel beam is hoisted in place, it will be butt-jointed and adjusted, and then it will be fixedly connected. When hoisting steel beams, theodolite shall be used to correct them as they are hoisted. Any deviation shall be corrected at any time.

4. Installation and calibration

(1) steel column correction: steel column verticality correction shall be checked by theodolite or messenger wire hammer. jack shall be used for correction when there is deviation. jack shall be used for elevation correction to slightly raise the base, and then increase or decrease the thickness of backing plate. anchor bolts shall be tightened immediately after the column foot is corrected correctly. after the whole steel column is corrected correctly, fine stone concrete shall be poured under the column sole plate for fixation.

(2) steel beam correction: the measurement and correction of steel beam axis and verticality shall be carried out by jacks and chain reversers, and fixed immediately after correction.

5. Bolt construction

(1). Bolts must have a material certificate (quality guarantee) before construction and must be retested before use.

(2). Bolts shall be managed and properly kept by designated personnel. They shall not be thrown about. During installation, bolts and contaminated dirt shall not be damaged to prevent torque coefficient from changing.

(3). Bolts shall be protected from moisture and corrosion.

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