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Basic introduction of Inground Car Lift for cars
2019-11-20 14:53:54

The Inground Car Lift for the car is a special lifting freight elevator dedicated to the car lift. It can be upgraded by mechanical or hydraulic means. The equipment runs smoothly and has low energy consumption, is safe and reliable, and is used for parking lot construction. According to different driving methods, it can be divided into three types: winch type, traction type and hydraulic type. Features:

Inground Car Lift

1. The mechanical room is divided and the noise in the operation of the lifting road is cleared.

2. There is no need to drive oil pressure when descending, saving energy.

3. Adopting the stepless speed change design, the lifting is stable and safe.

4. The structure of the platform is only suspended, which saves the area of lifting.

5. External remote control full-time, fully automatic operation in the car.

6. Original imported sliding door or special stainless steel door, beautiful and fast.

7. Broken chain prevents the falling speed governor from being safe and reliable.

8. PLC control circuit, fast maintenance, stable performance.

9. Elevator manual operation panel, beautiful and durable.

Instructions for use:

1. General basement parking lot. If the area is not very large, in order to save the space of the ramp road that reaches the basement, the way of * is to design the car lift.

2.Inground Car Lift, also known as a car elevator, is a person and a vehicle driving into the elevator at the same time. In the basement parking lot, the person and the vehicle simultaneously lift the elevator and directly reach the underground parking lot.

3. It is also possible to design the use of the second to third floor parking lot on the ground.

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