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Advantages of Hydraulic Inground Car Lift
2019-09-28 13:58:44

The problem of nowhere to park the vehicle is the result of the city's development of society, economy and transportation to a certain extent. The ratio of households to parking spaces in many newly built communities is 1:1, in order to solve the parking space and the commercial area of the residents. The contradiction, the use of Car Lift to improve the garage utilization has been accepted by the majority of users. In many public places, parking spaces are in short supply and public garage equipment needs to be improved.


Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

The use of the Hydraulic Inground Car Lift can replace the downhill ramp in a traditional underground garage, transporting vehicles vertically to a designated floor, greatly reducing the space in the garage and increasing the utilization of the garage. The hydraulic lifting principle is adopted, and the electric unlocking device is selected for convenient operation; the runway design is extremely low, only 155mm, which is convenient for the vehicle to enter; the inner distance of the running track can be moved to apply to different wheels of the wheel, or can be customized into a flat table; The cylinder of the elevator is built in the platform to reduce the use of space; the heavy-duty steel rope pulley is used, or the special chain is added, and the automatic insurance function is activated during the ascent. At the same time, the elevator has a runway synchronization device to ensure that the vehicle does not overturn, and the vehicle lifting process is ensured. Safety in the middle; before descending to the ground, the elevator automatically activates the alarm setting to ensure the safety of the operator; in addition, it is equipped with safety devices such as chain or wire rope break protection device, hydraulic system pressure loss protection device, etc. The safety of the owner and car.


Inground Car Lift is also used in various forms in the construction of three-dimensional garages, such as lifting and traversing, vertical circulation, simple lifting, vertical, plane moving, roadway stacking and so on. With the continuous and rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of urban planning, the mechanical parking equipment industry will become a vibrant sunrise industry, and the technology of mechanical parking equipment will also be greatly developed.

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